Important Decisions taken in the Council in its meeting held on 11TH November 2017

Dear Sirs,

The Council in its meeting held on 11TH November 2017 unanimously adopted the following decisions for being implemented with immediate effect:

a)            Following demise of Pradip Kumar Mitra, Sri Suranjan Dutta has been appointed as the Chairman of the Tournament Committee;


b)            Following bifurcation of Bardhaman District, the existent name of Burdwan District Badminton Association has been changed to Paschim Bardhaman District Badminton Association and shall henceforth be named as such;


c)            Based on Finance Committee & Tournament Committee recommendations, the followings were approved as under:



i)                    Henceforth, subject to review every year, Prize Money structure will be as under:


Prize Money for various Tournaments

                        Event                                                   Minimum                    Maximum

                        U-9/11                                                 36,000/-                      60,000/-

                        U-13/15/17/19 (if Combined)             1,00,000/-                   1,50,000/-

                        U-13/15                                               60,000/-                      1,50,000/-

                        U-17/19                                               65,000/-                      1,50,000/-

                        Sr. Ranking /Sr. StateChampionship   75,000/-                      1,50,000/-

                        Inter District Championship                                                    35000/-


ii)                  Prize Money will be equal for Boys & Girls; Men & Women.







iii)                Shuttlecocks

Henceforth, subject to review every year, for Organising Events, following increased quantities of free Shuttlecocks will be provided to the concerned Organisers:


Event                                                               Shuttlecocks Barrels

                          U-9/11                                                                       10

                          U-13/15/17 & 19 (Combined)                                   45

                          U-13 & 15                                                                  20

                          U-17 & 19                                                                  20

                          Sr. State Ranking                                                       35


iv)                For all State Championships of the above Events as well as Inter-District Championships, Entire quantities of Shuttlecocks will be provided free to the concerned Organisers.


v)                  State Champion and Runner-Ups of U-9/11 Years Singles event will be given Two (2) Boxes of Free Yonex Shuttlecocks.


vi)                Payment of Rs. 15000/- as incentive to the Organisers for U-13, 15, 17 & 19 and Men & Women State Championships, as proposed by the General Secretary accepted in principle, subject to the formal approval of the Finance Committee.


vii)              Henceforth, subject to review every year, Remunerations of the Technical Officials revised as under:


        Referee                                                                       650/-

        Match Controller cum Dy. Referee                            600/-

        Umpires                                                                      550/-

        Observer                                                                     650/-

        Umpires Coordinator                                     600/-


Other facilities will remain unchanged.        

viii)            Henceforth for any State Championships and Inter District Championship, the Organisers will not be required to pay the Tournament Fees and Fixture Preparation charges. Based on the above, Chatterjeehat Yuba Sangathani is absolved from payment of the Tournament Fees and Fixture Preparation Charges for U-9/11 Years State Championship organised by it.


ix)                For forthcoming All India Sr. Ranking Badminton Tournament to be organised by Paschim Bardhaman District Badminton Association at Durgapur in association with WBBA, WBBA will bear & provide following:


a)                  Entire Shuttlecocks, Medals, Merit Certificates & Banners;

b)                  Remunerations of all Technical Officials including that of Observer;

c)                  If any Ranked Players are to be provided any accommodation, costs of such accommodation, subject to WBBA selecting the same;


x)                       Henceforth while drawing the Fixtures for the following Events, the respective Winners & Runners of the immediate previous Tournament, may be present, if so desired:

For U-13/15/17/19 (Combined)                       Winner & Runner Up of U-19 Boys& Girls Singles.

For U-13/15 or U-17/19                            Winner & Runner Up of U-15 Boys &Girls singles& U-19 Boys & Girls Singles

For Sr. State Ranking / Sr. State Championship   Winner & Runner Up of Men & Women singles


xi)                     Other than Yonex, no competitive Branding/Advertisement/Promotional Activity of any nature, directly or indirectly, shall be permitted to be displayed or used or allowed to be put up directly or indirectly at any Venue, Arena or Court of any of the Tournaments under the aegis of WBBA and if there be any breach, the allotted Tournament may be withdrawn/suspended forthwith, in addition to imposition of penalty.


xii)                   During the course of any Tournament held under the aegis of WBBA, other than display of any Members direct Coaching Academy, no other display of any Coaching Academy in the Venue, Arena or Court, irrespective of the same being of any Club, affiliated Unit of any of the WBBA Member, Private or Individual, shall be permitted and if there be any permanent Fixture(s), the same must be duly covered.


xiii)                 Participation of all the Players in State Camp will be mandatory before East Zone Championships, Inter State Inter Zonal Championships, and for any Team Event. Save as above, participation in State Camps will not be mandatory for the Players who would get Direct Entry in Nationals, as per the BAI Ranking List AND that the State Players partnering players from other States if comes in the BAI Ranking List eligible to get Direct Entry in Nationals, will be allowed to participate in Nationals with the same partner and their participation in State Camps before Nationals will not be mandatory.