CIRCULAR - 6th October, 2018

6 October, 2018
The Hony. Secretary
All Affiliated Units
Dear Sirs,
1) Financial Assistance to Affiliated Units
As decided in the Council Meeting dated 8 September,2018 and circulated, please note that we shall be giving Rs. 15000/- (Rupees Fifteen
thousand only) towards promotional activities and participation in Inter District Championship to all the Affiliated Units as we have received
Financial Assistance from BAI. Cheques will be sent shortly. Member Districts would be required to submit “Utilisation Certificate” before
end of Financial Year.
2) Registration of Players
It is again reminded to furnish correct Registration documents of the players while submitting fresh Registration / Renewal. If after scrutiny
of the documents any defect is found, concerned defaulting Districts shall be provided with “Only One Chance” to remove deficiencies in the
Registration papers. If default still remains unresolved, Registration shall stand cancelled as decided in the Council Meeting and notified.
Thus, for the benefit of the Players, please furnish complete details as asked for.
3) Unauthorised Tournaments – BAI Constitution / WBBA Constitution
As per BAI Constitution as well as WBBA Constitution and Regulations (which are in website), participation of Registered Players / Coaches /
Technical Staff / Support Staff in unauthorised events is completely prohibited. If anyone violates the same, Registration shall stand
4) Entry procedure for National Ranking Tournaments
Time and again it has been notified that entries of players for participation in National Ranking Tournaments are to be sent by the Affiliated
Units 48 hours before the last date of entry of BAI. It has been seen inspite of repeated reminders, many Districts are not following the same
and requests are coming after the due date. Please do not send any entry as stipulated and mentioned above and WBBA will not take any
responsibility if the entry do not come within the stipulated date and time.
It has also been noticed that in Paired events entries of some players are being sent from other States without any information or knowledge
of WBBA. At the last moment requests are received for giving entry / NOC. Such things should be strictly avoided and for the interest of the
players, it is strictly advised that the moment a player decides to play in any National Ranking Tournament partnering a player of other State,
the entry from the concerned District may please be forwarded to us within stipulated time as mentioned in above paragraph.
Thanking you,
Sekhar C. Biswas
Hony. General Secretary
Copy to: 1) Sri U. N. Banerjee
President, WBBA
2) All Concerned