Important Circular - 27th June 2019


27th June, 2019

The Hony. Secretary

All Affiliated Units


Dear Sirs,


The Finance Committee in its meeting on 15th June, 2019 reviewed recommendations of Tournament Committee & Coaching Committee as well as the other decisions which are to be reviewed on yearly basis. Considering the financial position of WBBA as well as rising expenses for conducting tournaments / Coaching Camps etc., following decisions were taken unanimously to be implemented with immediate effect after threadbare discussions:


1)         Revised Entry Fees:


            For Sub-Jr. & Jr. (U-9, U-11, U-13, U-15, U- 17 & U-19)

            Singles                                    ---         Rs. 500/-

            Doubles                                   ---         Rs. 800/-


            Entry Fees in Senior Events

            Singles                                    ---         Rs. 600/-

            Doubles                                   ---         Rs. 1000/-


            Entry Fees in Veterans Selection Trial

            Singles                                    ---         Rs. 750/-

            Doubles                                   ---         Rs. 1500/-


2)       For attending any Tournament /Coaching Camps or any other work, the Official deputed by WBBA will be entitled to Rs. 1000/- per day as DA apart from the other existing facilities, i.e. AC 3 Tier Train / AC Bus fare + incidental expenses of Rs. 1000/-. Fooding and Lodging will be arranged / borne by the Districts concerned.


3)         Selection of Forty (40) Talented Players for Advanced Coaching:


i)       Coaching Committee’s recommendations for selection of Forty (40) talented players for advanced coaching in the Indoor Hall of UDBA for 4/5 days, approved.  The fooding cost per day per player plus Coaches / Selectors not to exceed Rs.175/- per day.   However, efforts to be made by Hony. Secretary, UDBA to get a Sponsor to meet the expenses or to seek assistance from Youth Development Dept of Government of West Bengal.


ii)         Selectors assigned will be paid TA/DA at par with the Coaches’ remuneration i.e. Rs.1000/- per day + AC 3 Tier Train / Bus fare from residence place + Rs. 1000/- as incidental expenses.


iii)        Shuttlecocks, TA/DA of the Selectors, Coaches and assigned Coordinators will be borne by WBBA.


iv)        Kitting expenses will be borne by WBBA in terms of the Council decision dated 22nd February, 2019.


4)         Review of various yearly finance incentives / sanctions


i)          Tournament Fees for all Ranking Tournaments and Invitation Tournaments be increased to Rs. 5000/- instead of Rs. 3000/- as at present.  However, there will be no Tournament fees for Tournaments organised in association with West Bengal Badminton Association, apart from State Championships and Inter District Badminton Championship.


ii)         Minimum Prize Money for U-9/11 Years Tournament be increased to Rs. 40,000/- from Rs. 36000/- as at present.


iii)       Minimum Prize Money for Senior State Ranking Tournament be increased to

           Rs. 85,000/- instead of Rs. 75,000/- as at present.


iv)   Minimum Prize Money for U-13/15/17/19 exclusive Doubles Tournament/ Championship be increased to Rs.1, 10,000/- (existing prize money is

            Rs. 80,000/-).


v)         Payments made against wrong Entries to be credited to WBBA’s account.


vi)        For Sub – Jr.  & Jr. Ranking Tournaments 50 Boxes Shuttlecocks  will be given free in place of 45 Boxes.



Thanking you,


Sekhar C. Biswas

Hony. General Secretary


Copy to:           1)         Sri U.N.Banerjee         2)         Sri J. K. Saha

                                    President, WBBA                     Chairman – Finance Committee


                        3)         Sri Suranjan Dutta      4)         Sri Nirmal Kr. Ghosh

                                    Chairman                                 Chairman – Coaching Committee

                                    Tournament Committee