1) As per the latest government norms, Age Group Players registration with Panchayat / Municipality/Corporation etc. should be within
One (1) year of date of birth for allotting BAI ID. Age Group Players who are not having registration within One (1) year of date of
birth will have to undergo medical tests in the Government Hospitals as per the format (enclosed). BAI will not issue BAI IDs who
are not conforming to these norms.
In this connection, letter dated 7 June, 2017 from Hony. General Secretary, BAI may please be referred to which has already been
circulated and put in our website.
Please advise the above guidelines to the players to act accordingly.
2) Players having BAI Rank within 15 in any age group in singles event will not be required to pay any entry fees in singles event of
same age group in the State Rankings and State Championships for 1 year from the date the player is within the rank of 1 to 15 in
BAI Rank List. It is clarified that if a player is in the rank of 1 to 15 in December in U-17 event and he/she reaches upper age group
in January then he/she will be eligible for this benefit in the upper age group also (total period one year).
3) Players who will become the State Champions in singles in the events of U-9/11, U-13/15, U-17/19 and Men & Women will not be
required to pay entry fees for the said event (Singles only) for One (1) year till next State Championship. It is also clarified that if a
player becomes champion in one (1) event and reaches the upper age group on 1 January in next year after the State
Championship is held then the player will get the benefit for not paying the entry fees for the next age group in Singles event till
the next State Championship, even if he/she is not in the same age group where he/she has become State Champion.