13th May, 2024

Hony. Secretary

All Affiliated Units of WBBA

Sub:     Important decisions of the Tournament Committee Meeting held on 7th May, 2024


Dear All,


Please note that in the Tournament Committee Meeting held on 7th May, 2024 following decisions were taken:


1)       Henceforth if there be any breakup for any cause in any “PAIRED EVENT”, each partner would get 50% points, provided however, if any one of the partner is suspended, his / her point would be “0”.

2)        WBBA representative to be nominated in various Tournaments will get

Rs. 1000/- as DA per day  plus AC 3 Tier Train/AC Bus fare To & Fro their residence plus Incidental charges of Rs. 1000/- while travelling to be paid by WBBA.  Accommodation and Local Transport will be organised by the Organiser.


3)        The Post of Umpires’ Coordinator abolished and Post of Dy. Referee introduced.

4)        Organisers will have to mandatorily depute a person for writing Participation & Merit Certificates.

5)        Considering the huge number of entries being received, it was decided that one day will be increased for the forthcoming tournaments and also considering BAI calendar, some changes were made in the WBBA calendar for the current year.

6)      Considering the importance of State Championships, it was decided that in the Age Group State Championships for the singles entries a player has to win at least 1st round in their respective events in Ranking Tournaments to be eligible in the Age Group State Championships to be effective from next year’s State Championships.  This will not be applicable in case of U-9/11 Years Age Group Tournaments.

7)       In the Invitation Tournaments approved by WBBA, all norms and regulations of WBBA must have to be followed strictly including due compliance with the regulatory Sponsorship contracts of WBBA.

8)     Procedure to be followed for complaints on participation in Unauthorised Tournaments forwarded to WBBA Council.


Thanking you,

Sekhar C. Biswas

Hony. General Secretary

West Bengal Badminton Association


Copy to:          1)        Sri U. N. Banerjee                 

                                    President, WBBA                              


                        2)        All Concerned