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Save and except as specifically mentioned below, the rest of the RULES  shall come into operation with immediate effect.

a)     Rules relating to "Annual affiliation fee of Rs.1000/-" as per Rule 8(b) shall be applicable from the fiscal year 2017-2018.

b)    Rule relating to "qualifications", "eligibility", "process of elections" and "composition"of the ‘Office Bearers’ and ‘Council Members’ in terms of Rules 14(i)(a), Rules 14(iii) & 14(iv) and Rule 24(iv)(a) &(b) and formations of the “Committees” as per Rule 15A(vi) read with Rule 15H (save and except Disciplinary Committee), shall be effective and applicable for the next due elections of the Council, consisting of the ‘Office Bearers’ and the ‘Council Members’ in 2019 onwards. Existing “Committees” to continue until the selected Committees in first meeting of the elected Council in 2019, assume charge.


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